How the Fort Hall Bull Riding Mayhem was/is.

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There is not heads up info and the only topic being covered is what the title says.


It was amazing. My first time seeing bucking bulls in action and bulls in reality not on screen.

Wiley Petersen is nice and amazing. The vip’s didn’t get a meet and greet but he smiled, waved, and said hi to everyone. When he went to go and talk to one of the other hosts, he stopped and waved at my dad and I–he said hi too and smiled.

The bulls and riders were outstanding! The bulls were adorable! Both, the bulls and riders, were working really hard.

The vip tent, was not a meet and greet area. It was a catered food and drink tent. Super cool. We didn’t even have to pay, as expected. My dad and I didn’t know that we had to go to the VIP Tent before we went to the vip benches and area, but luckily they were just about to start putting stuff up when my dad got us cookies and sprites.

We got a vip bag that has different items in it, along with a signed poster by Wiley Petersen. They referred to it as “Riley Petersen’s bull riding mayhem” cause he is a former pro and something something. Can’t remember what they said. Sorry😹.

I was rooting for Wesley Pablo. But I’m glad that Coby Johnson won.

Congrats Coby Johnson! 🎊

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Heads up info|| Tons of topics gonna be covered in this! Be aware.

Topics being covered:
  1. Wolves (definition)
  2. Different type of wolves
  3. Mating (and more)
  4. The pack
  5. Establishing how the pack works
  6. Habitat
  7. Some people have them as pets
  8. People are hunting them!!!

Wolves (definition).

There are many definitions for wolves. 3, I found. 2 of them are for people. 1 of them is the one we are looking for!

Wolf|| a wild carnivorous mammal of the dog family, living and hunting in packs.

Wolves are both native in Eurasia and Northern America. Also, they have widely exterminated. Furry, coated animal.

Some dogs look like wolves, like the wolf dog and Alaskan and/or Siberian Husky (all I know).

Different type of wolves.

There are 32 types of wolves. (Probably more lol).

The types:

Mating (and more).

In this case, mate does not mean friend.

Wolves mate for life. However, most of the time only the Male and female alpha’s will mate. They usually have one litter of wolf cubs per year.

A male and female wolf begin to breed between 2 & 3 yrs of age and are believed (known and do) mate for life.

The pack.

The wolf pack, is a group of wolves that hunt. They are an extended family of parents, offspring (kids), siblings, aunts, uncles, [cousins], and sometimes dispersers from another pack.

Their are rankings in the pack.

Alpha|| the wisest, strongest, highest ranking member of the pack as they hold all control of the pack. They are the leaders.

^responsibilities: leads pack on hunts, establishes pack territory and its safety, accepting strangers into the pack or driving errant wolves out of the pack.They are responsible for keeping the pack in order and in control and will take many precautions to see that the pack is not disturbed. Each pack member is considered family but respect is still presistant. The Alpha couple are always the first to eat from a kill, gets the biggest portions and choicest cuts of food. They tell the pack what to do, where to go, and how to work without questions from their members. Keeping things at a strict basis is their way of showing their care and concern for the pack-mates.The Alpha wolves can also choose their most trusted companions to become their Betas. They demand respect and are in the position to punish or banish those who do not show it. An alphas command can not be disobeyed without consequences. There are alpha male and female. [Resources for the ranking of pack.]

Beta|| is the highest ranking wolf in the pack just below the Alpha couple. The Beta wolf is essentially the second-in-command of the wolf pack and beyond this most significant point, the Beta is otherwise similar to wolves in the High rank. When the Alpha’s are absence (which for reason can be surveying areas, chosing new territory, editing sites, etc), it is the Beta’s job to make sure the pack is organized and under control.

^Any problems that occur in the pack, the Betas report to the Alphas and allow the Alphas to take control. When the Alphas are indeed away for a time, these wolves are the next in authority and demand the same respect and control from their pack-mates. 

Delta|| third in command as they are below the alphas and betas but are still higher ranked than the other wolves. Usually take control of the spars and training with the if or when the betas and/or alpha’s have to much on their plate and cannot do the job right then and there.

Lead warrior|| takes his/her orders directly from the Alpha(s) and/or beta(s). They are the main, leader and general commander of the warriors of the pack.

^warrior wolves protect the pack with their lives! They do not back down (without a fight) from a fight with something that is threatening the pack. They go on border control to keep an eye on the pack’s border. (Usually bring new wolves to the alphas and/or betas.)

Warriors|| amount of warriors depends on the size of the pack. They are the guardians and protectors of the pack. The warriors will roam the pack lands ensuring it’s safety.

^keep watch at night, protect the pack w/ their lives. If threatened, and/or the hunters and scouters are in danger they take up the portion of the hunters and scouters and fight for the pack’s safety. They must be quick to think and remain calm in all given situations.

Hunters|| are responsible for gathering food and/or service for the pack or track down the ones that are threatening the pack.

^they mostly introduce their recruits to the alpha’s to see if the other wolf will or will not be accepted. They protect the pack by fighting off enemies/predators. If they are the ones being threatened then they take up the role as the “decoy” until the pack has found safety. When and once the “coast is clear” they will meet up with the pack hours later. (Most likely to insure that there are no more enemies/predators around).

Healers|| when a member of the pack is injured either in a fight/battle, or an accident they are sent to healer or others call them the “pack doctors”.

^healers can either be gifted to heal another wolf and/or are good with medicine and looking for other wolves. Healers must and have to stay out of pack fights as they are needed to heal wolves. However, if there are no healers then the pack grows weaker.

Omegas|| Usually they’re are 2 omegas in the pack. One male and one female which is similar to the alpha but at the opposite end of the pack ranking system. The Omega pair have no authority in the pack except over pups (to support the Elders) and virtually no rights.

^Omegas do not take part in the hunts instead they remain at the dens and are the babysitters to the wolf cubs–teaching the young wolves skills and providing advice for them given by the alpha(s) and/or beta(s). They are the last allowed to feed from kills, these wolves get the leanest and worst portions of meat and typically risk starvation during poor hunting periods.

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We are revolving around animals this week.

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This week will be what the title says. Many animals. Also, tomorrow we will do an off-topic post which will be on my experience and how awesome the Bull Riding Mayhem was and is.


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Bull Riding Mayhem (day before going to it!)

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It’s been a few days, so sorry. Thank you for everyone that is following and such–it means the world to me!

There is no heads up info today, lucky you!

Topics being covered:
  1. Bull riding mayhem definition (and more).
  2. The vip tent (what it is and such).
  3. Appearance by former bull rider, Wiley Peterson.
  4. I’m going (more)!

Bull Riding Mayhem Definition (and more).

The Bull Riding Mayhem sounds exactly what it is right?

Bull Riding Mayhem|| Showcasing great bull riding action. Family fun and rodeo {Category}.

I do not know if there is going to be food and drinks or not, but if you know then Comment!

For those of you that do not know what Bull riding is, well, lucky for you Wiki has a article/page on it!

Bull riding|| is a rodeo sport that involves a rider getting on a bucking bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal tries to buck off the rider.

To revive scoring, the rider must stay on top of the angry; bucking bowl for exactly 8 seconds! They can’t use both hands, just one–which makes it extra harder. Their hand is on a rope which is tied behind the bucking bull’s forelegs. No wonder their angry and bucking! [Wiki (gonna be link for more down)]

To not revive scoring, is if the rider touches the bull or themselves (the hand gripping the rope, obvi) and/or failing to reach the 8 second mark.

Also, depending on the bull riding organization and contest, up to 4 judges will judge the ride and then 4 (other or same) judges will judge the bull on their organizations and performances.

Wiki tells us, that the most for ‘organization’, the perfect score is 100 points. However, in general, the most pro riders score in the mid 70’s- high 80’s.

Paragraphs 1-4 above, are for Americans bull riding.

Wiki writes that some Americans call Bull Riding the “most dangerous 8 seconds in sports!”.

[This is all for this topic, but read the next post to figure out more about bull riding!]

The VIP tent.

Some or most of you know that VIP means, Very Important Person, so this is a Very Important Person Tent, Lol, cool right? No? Ok, lol.

I tried to look up the definition of VIP tent–it showed nothing.

So, my general (and probably/possibly wrong) definition:

VIP tent|| A tent where you can meet the bull riders (and possibly see the bulls way up close). Sometimes there is alcohol but not always, (there should be none at the one in fort hall).

That is probably a crappy definition so if you have anything better comment below.

Appearance by former pro bull rider, Wiley Peterson.

This may not be at EVERY bull riding mayhem, but the one in Fort Hall has him there.

As the topic title says, there is gonna be a appearance from him. Not sure if we will meet him at the VIP tent or out at the show?

I am going (more)!

I am going to the Bull Riding Mayhem in Fort Hall! I’m so excited.

My dad won 2 free tickets plus entrances to the VIP tent! We are going tomorrow, August 8th.

There is also a “bonus bucks” and a “free stay at the hotel from August 7-8th” but I’m sure we aren’t doing those. Tomorrow in the morning, my dad is going to go pick up the tickets.

I am super excited. Plus, I get to get away from my rude, annoying siblings. I’ll do an update on how awesome it was and such.

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So called ‘pup’ fest. [RANT]

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This is a rant–as said in the title. But before we do the ‘Heads Up Info’ I wanted to thank my new followers for following my blog. I hope you like this rant.

Heads up info|| There will be some swearing so watch out for that–you have been warned.

Topics being covered:
  1. Pup fest definition (possibly more)
  2. My first pup fest experience.
  3. The actual rant.

Pup Fest Definition (possibly more).

I tried to search ‘pup fest’ up on the internet but they didn’t give any good definitions. Luckily, my friend knows a very good definition.

So this is hers:

Pup Fest|| where you go to play and adopt puppies, eat food and, ride rides or bounce on bouncy house/things.

If you have a better definition comment it below and I’ll update and add yours! Thanks!

We had to bring a doggy toy to donate.

My first Pup Fest Experience.

Before I start–as the title says– this is my first pup fest experience. And this happened on August 2nd, and it’s currently August 4th–so it’s been a while.

My best friend messaged me and asked if I wanted to go to a Pup Fest with her before she leaves on vacation (her vacation is for 6 days). Of course I said yes, so we go out 5:30 pm.

We looked around, there was bouncy houses and other blow up bouncy things (like a Disney train, not anything dirty minded since there was little children!), and a little variety of food. But also, for sale tiny campers. There is stands/stations for auctions for money.

We searched for puppies–there was only 1! But it has already been adopted! Other people brought their full grown dogs not their puppies like the 7 month old puppy that I said was already adopted. Also, to top it off–someone brought a kitten, which they do not know if someone’s dog would kill it or try to play with it! It was a kitten size that can fit in your palm.

The actual rant.

If your gonna call it “Pup Fest” at least have more puppies there! Not just ONE puppy that was ALREADY Adopted.

In the advertisement it said absolutely nothing about bring your own dog. For MY town’s advertisement they said to NOT bring your do so that you DO NOT freak out the orphaned pups.

If your gonna advertise, do it right.

I was really really expecting more puppies, not that I wanted to get one more (since in my town when you hit 3 dogs, no matter the size, you HAVE to get a license and then let all your neighbors that you have 3 dogs) trust me I already have enough animals, but because well I love seeing animals (mostly kittens and puppies) even if I’m not gonna adopt them!

Oh, there was no more cages or anything that resembled other pups were there. Like, we have a TON more pups [and other animals] at our pet shelter [that are on deaths road or not deaths road that need adopting] than that ‘pup’ fest.

Your thoughts? Am I over reacting?

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Suicide (definition and more)

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Heads up info|| this may be triggering for some of you? Sorry, my bad.

Topics being covered:
  1. Suicide (definition and more)
  2. How many people die from it
  3. Suicide hotline

Suicide (definition and more).

The act or instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound of mind” that’s one of the millions of definitions for Suicide.

Suicide is a thing most people take lightly when they don’t care about someone. Someone can commit suicide in many ways, sadly. It is usually caused by depression, stress, such as form of financial difficulties, troubles with relationships or bullying. [Wikipedia]

Wikipedia tells us, “Mental disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse—including alcoholism and the use of benzodiazepines—are risk factors“. They also say, that the people (which we’ll refer to as victims) have previously attempted suicide are a higher risk for future attempts (and success).

How wiki tells us some ways to prevent it. Which include:

  • Limited access to methods of suicide (fire arms, drugs, poisons, etc).
  • Treating mental disorders and substance misuse.
  • Proper media reporting of suicide
  • Improving economic conditions.

Wiki says, “although crisis hotlines are common there is little evidence to their effectiveness”. Which, I kinda don’t believe because tons of people that have opened up to me have told me that crisis hotlines helped them and their family tree a lot!

Yes, their prevention ideas/ways are a few ways there are also more. I have thought of a couple that I think fit for this topic, they include:

  • Being a friend to the person that is thinking of suicide
  • Report it to a trusted adult
  • Be there with the person and convince them not to do it and do anything in your power to stop them from doing it (trust me it worked for me 99% of the time).

There are common methods for suicide, which are:

  • Hanging
  • Poison
  • Firearms (said above).

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide.

How many people die from it.

In 1990, deaths caused by suicide was 712,000. That number increased in 2015, leaving with 828,000 global deaths. Wow!

The percentage of people that wiki tells us is: “Approximately 0.5% of people die by suicide“. They also say, that in a given year there is–roughly–12 per 100,000 people.

The rates of completed suicide is usually men rather than women–aww. They rang from 1.5 times as much in our developing world to 3.5 times [in our developing world]!

Suicide is generally common, as wiki says, “over the age of 70”. But, in certain countries is 15-30 years.

Europe, sadly, has the highest rates of suicide by religion in 2015.

For, non-fatal suicide attempts are 10-20 million every year.

However, in the western countries, the attempts are more common for young people and mostly for females.

Suicide hotline.

If you, or anyone you know, needs/wants to commit suicide or is thinking about it. Please contact/call/text this hotline:

2/7 hr’s for callers in the US:

Call(text?)|| 1 (800) 273-8255 [1 (800) 273-TALK]

TTY/TDD services (national suicide prevention line <NSP Line>):

Call(text?)|| 1 (800) 799-4889 [1 (800) 799-4TTY]

National Runaway Safeline:

Call, live chat|| 1 (800) 786-2929 [1 (1 (800) RUNAWAY]

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Rape (definition and more)

Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

Heads up info||This may be a touchy topic for some viewers. Please read with caution (or skip past).

Topics being covered:
  1. Rape (definition and more)
  2. How many people are victims?
  3. Who are the perpetrators?
  4. national sexual assault (violence) hotline

Rape (definition and more).

Rape, one of the other lightly taken topics that most people blow off and consider “fake”. You may or may not believe it but rape is real, it is a real life; world wide situation this needs resolving and talking about. And, in fact, definitely not taken lightly or considered fake or that the victim is a liar when they (may or may not) are not a liar.

Yeah, it’s true, some people do fake about a rape situation but, that doesn’t mean we take it lightly. We take it as if it was real. For one, we don’t know if it’s real or not and we do not know someone’s life or their story. How many times do I have to say it: Rape should not be taken lightly.

Rainn, again, in the same article as the “sexual assault” article, tells us the definition and such about Rape.

Rape|| a form of sexual assault, but not all sexual assault is rape. The term rape is often used as a legal definition to specifically include sexual penetration without consent. For its Uniform Crime Reports, the FBI defines rape as “penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” To see how your state legally defines rape and other forms of sexual assault.

And, let me say this again, Rape doesn’t just consist of Men doing it to women. Women can do it to men. Men can do it to men. Women can do it to women. Men and women can do it to children. It goes both, all, ways.

The perpetrators use a strategy called “force” in which is not always referred to as psychical pressure but also using other ways.

These may be the other way they use force:

  • Emotional coercion.
  • Psychological force
  • Manipulation to coerce a victim into non-consensual sex.

Some perpetrators also use threats to force a victim to comply. For example, they threaten to hurt the victims friends, family or the victims other loved/close ones. They also use intimidating tactics to so say, persuade the victim.

How many people are victims?

As said in the “sexual assault” Blog, every 92 seconds someone is [sexually assaulted and] raped.

As said in another article by Rainn, they say, “On average, there are 321,500 victims (ages 12+) of Rape [and sexual assault] each year in the US.”

They tell us that younger people are, usually, at the highest risk to be a victim of sexual violence.

The majority of victims of, in this topic, rape are under 30:

12-17 years|| 15%.

18-34 years|| 54%.

35-64 years|| 28%.

65+ years|| 3%.

Wow! 18-34 year olds are 54% victims! Even tho 34 is over 30 that is still mind blowing!

Who are the perpetrators?

Rainn, once again, tells us on their “sexual assault” article tells us “who are the perpetrators”.

They write, “The majority of perpetrators are someone known to the victim“.

An approximate 8/10 sexual [assault] violence (in this case rape) are committed by someone know to the victim. Such as a partner sexual violence, or acquaintance rape, Rainn writes.

They give an definition for the term “date rape”:

Date rape|| sometimes used to refer to acquaintance rape. Perpetrators of acquaintance rape might be a date, but they could also be a classmate, a neighbor, a friend’s significant other, or any number of different roles. It’s important to remember that dating, instances of past intimacy, or other acts like kissing do not give someone consent for increased or continued sexual contact.

In other instances, the victim may not know the perp. at all. They may, for example, have been an online person that asked to meet up for a “made up reason” or just a random stranger off the streets or in a building–like a hotel, etc.

This type of rape is identified as stranger rape. Stranger rape can take many forms, which include (as Rainn says):

  • Blitz sexual assault||when a perpetrator quickly and brutally assaults the victim with no prior contact, usually at night in a public place
  • Contact sexual assault||when a perpetrator contacts the victim and tries to gain their trust by flirting, luring the victim to their car, or otherwise trying to coerce the victim into a situation where the sexual assault will occur
  • Home invasion sexual assault||when a stranger breaks into the victim’s home to commit the assault

The survivors of either stranger rape and acquaintance rape usually tend to blame themselves for behaving (or dressing) in a way that made the perp. encouraged–which is not true! The victim’s blaming process may result, from my knowledge, doubting themselves; believing they encourage it; hating themselves for not stopping it; etc.

It’s, 100% important to remember that the victim is not, and never is, to blame. If the victim confessed to someone that they knew would listen and/or that they trusted, please, do not blame them and remember they never asked for it and never is to blame. The perpetrator is to blame, and needs to be behind bars.

Nation Sexual assault (violence) Hotline.

If you, or anyone you know, is/has been a victim of any sexual violence. Have them, or you, call/chat this hotline.

Call|| (800) 656-HOPE [4673]

Chat|| Chat in-line at

Let’s reduce the victims of sexual violence! And put the perps behind bars!

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Sexual assault/harrassment

Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

As I said in a before blog, this is another one of our “centered around week blogs”.

Heads up info|| May be triggering for some of you? So sorry.

Topics being covered:
  1. Sexual assault (definition and more)
  2. How many people get sexually assaulted.
  3. How many people confess about being a victim

Sexual assault (definition and more).

This topic, specifically, get’s taken lightly as some people don’t believe in it or they don’t believe someone would do such a thing. That, most of the time, leaves the victim questioning and hopeless in thinking they will ever get out of it and such.

Sexual assault can take many many forms. But, one thing remains and is important to remember and know: it is never the victims fault.

Rainn website has a particular article for this topic. They defined “sexual assault”. This is there definition and the different forms:

Sexual assault|| [The term Sexual Assault] refers to sexual contact or behavior that occurs without (w/o) explicit consent of the victim.

Addition info|| Guys aren’t the only ones that sexually assault women. Women can sexually assault males. Women can sexually assault other women. Men can sexually assault other men. Both genders can sexual assault children to (which I’m sure is considered molest.)

Some of the forms are:

    Attempted rape
    Fondling or unwanted sexual touching
    Forcing a victim to perform sexual acts, such as oral sex or penetrating the perpetrators body
    Penetration of the victims body, also know as rape.

They also say in their “who are the perpetrators?” Area, which will be discussed in the “Rape” blog that will be after this blog.

How many people get sexually assaulted.

The number of people victimized each year is:

Inmates|| 80,600 were sexually assaulted [or raped].

Children|| 60,000 were victims of “substantiated or indicated” sexual abuse.

General Public|| 321, 500 Americans 12 and older were sexually assaulted [or raped].

Military|| 18,900 experienced unwanted sexual contact.


Rainn also wrote in the section of their article (the one we got the info from above) ‘everyone is affected by sexual violence’.

They gave facts, which are:

  • Every 92 seconds another American is sexually assaulted.1
  • 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.8% completed, 2.8% attempted).4
  • About 3% of American men—or 1 in 33—have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.4
  • From 2009-2013, Child Protective Services agencies substantiated, or found strong evidence to indicate that, 63,000 children a year were victims of sexual abuse.5
  • A majority of child victims are 12-17. Of victims under the age of 18: 34% of victims of sexual assault and rape are under age 12, and 66% of victims of sexual assault and rape are age 12-17.

They also told us “breakdown of locations where sexual assault happens”.

They said:

Near or at victim’s home|| 55%.

In an open, public place|| 15%.

At or near a relative’s home|| 12%.

In an enclosed but public area|| such as a parking lot or garage. 10%.

On school property|| 8%.

These are wild! We need this to stop, like ASAP.

Oh, they gave an explanation on what the victims were, most likely, doing when it occurred:

  • 48% were sleeping, or performing another activity at home
  • 29% were traveling to and from work or school, or traveling to shop or run errands
  • 12% were working
  • 7% were attending school
  • 5% were doing an unknown or other activity

Wow, just wow. I am at a loss for words here.

How many people confess about being a victim.

Yet, sexual assault confession and survivors are rare to confess. Sadly, there is not much that confess. Hopefully that changes and we can put the perpetrators behind bars!

If you are a victim of sexual assault, please tell someone. Speak up. If you are a survivor, do not let your story go unspoken. The world needs to hear. Speak up and tell us.

Let’s stop this horrible thing!

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What this week is revolving around

Hello. Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog. This is not a blog but a heads up on what we are doing this week.

I rarely do these but recently people have been taking mental illnesses and such very lightly and calling them “fake” even if they may or may not be. So this week will be centered around many of those topics. Like I have already done Anxiety and depression. I am so sorry in advance if I trigger or hurt anyone, it’s not my intention and never ever will be!

Ok, cool. Thanks.

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I discussed the topics that I’ve heard lots of complaining about. Please comment and tell me if I missed one and I’ll do a blog about it! Thanks.


Depression (definition and more)

Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

I don’t have depression but I figured I’d write about it. Mostly because some people think that depression and mental illnesses and other topics should be taken lightly–even if someone is faking like they were raped or something, it shouldn’t be taken lightly because they don’t know what’s true and what’s fake on those topics. I think this week we will be covering many topics that are taken lightly.

Heads up info|| May be a triggering thing? Idk.

Topics being covered:
  1. Depression (definition and more)
  2. How many people have it
  3. What it most of the time leads to
  4. More info, possibly? Suicide hotline (number and more)

Depression (definition and more).

Depression, some of us are not familiar with it and some of us do not have it. Depression has many definitions but the most important one is the psychiatry definition.

  • Depression|| a mental condition characterized by feelings of severe despondency and dejection, typically also with feelings of inadequacy and guilt, often accompanied by lack of energy and disturbance of appetite and sleep.
  • As a scene in Degrassi, Depression can take many forms. Sad, angry, etc. It usually causes not just a lack of energy or appetite or sleep, but also care. Like, for example, if you have this instrument that you’ve favored but soon you don’t care if it’s smashed or sold.
  • Depression can lead to many things, suicide and more.
  • An article posted by HealthLine is, 9 types of depression and how to recognize them. But I’m only giving 3 of them. You may click on the link to read more.
  • First off, depression affects everyone in a different way, not every symptom or way is the same. Well, for one–as I said before–depression comes in different ways and forms. And for two, we are all different.
  • Now, for the types of depression:
    1. Major Depression|| [Major depression is] also known as major depressive disorder, classic depression, or unipolar depression. It’s fairly common — about 16.2 million adults in the U.S. have experienced at least one major depressive episode.

    • People with major depression experience symptoms most of the day, every day. Like many mental health conditions, it has little to do with what’s happening around you. You can have a loving family, tons of friends, and a dream job. You can have the kind of life that others envy and still have depression.

    Even if there’s no obvious reason for your depression, that doesn’t mean it’s not real or that you can simply tough it out.

    It’s a severe form of depression that causes symptoms such as:

    ~despondency, gloom, or grief

    ~difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much

    ~ lack of energy and fatigue

    ~ loss of appetite or overeating

    ~ unexplained aches and pains

    ~ loss of interest in formerly pleasurable activities

    ~ lack of concentration, memory problems, and inability to make decisions

    ~ feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness

    ~ constant worry and anxiety

    ~ thoughts of death, self-harm, or suicide

    These symptoms can last weeks or even months. Some people might have a single episode of major depression, while others experience it throughout their life. Regardless of how long its symptoms last, major depression can cause problems in your relationships and daily activities.

    2. Persistent Depression|| is depression that lasts for two years or more. It’s also called dysthymia or chronic depression. Persistent depression might not feel as intense as major depression, but it can still strain relationships and make daily tasks difficult.

    Some symptoms of persistent depression include:

    ~ deep sadness or hopelessness

    ~ low self-esteem or feelings of inadequacy

    ~ lack of interest in things you once enjoyed

    ~ appetite changes

    ~ changes to sleep patterns or low energy

    ~ concentration and memory problems

    ~ difficulty functioning at school or work

    ~ inability to feel joy, even at happy occasions

    ~ social withdrawal

    •Though it’s a long-term type of depression, the severity of symptoms can become less intense for months at a time before worsening again. Some people also have episodes of major depression before or while they have persistent depressive disorder. This is called double depression.

    •Persistent depression lasts for years at a time, so people with this type of depression may start to feel like their symptoms are just part of their normal outlook on life.

    3. rManic depression (or bipolar disorder)|| Manic depression consists of periods of mania or hypomania, where you feel very happy, alternating with episodes of depression. Manic depression is an outdated name for bipolar disorder.

    •In order to be diagnosed with bipolar I disorder, you have to experience an Eepisode of mania that lasts for seven days, or less if hospitalization is required. You may experience a depressive episode before or following the manic episode.

    Depressive episodes have the same symptoms as major depression, including:

    ~ feeling of sadness

    ~ lack of energy

    ~ fatigue

    ~ sleep problems

    ~ trouble concentrating

    ~ decreased activity

    ~ loss of interest in formerly enjoyable activities

    ~ suicidal thoughts

    Signs of a Manic phase include:

    ~ high energy

    ~ reduce sleep

    ~ irritability

    ~ racing thoughts and speech

    ~ grandiose thinking

    ~ increased self-esteem and confidence

    ~ unusual, risky, and self-destructive behavior

    ~ feeling elated, “high”, or euphoric.

    •In severe cases, episodes can include hallucinations and delusions. Hypomania is a less severe form of mania. You can also have mixed episodes in which you have symptoms of both mania and depression.

    •There are several types of bipolar disorder. Read more about them and how they’re diagnosed.

    How many people have it.

    Depression is very common to have. More than 3 million US cases per year.

    The ages that are affected are:

    • Toddlers|| 3-5 years. Rare
    • Children|| 6-13 years. Common (13 years is a teenager but that’s what the cite that I’ll be citing later says)
    • Teenagers|| 14-18 years (18 is an young adult not a teenager but it’s fine). Very common
    • Young adults|| 19-40 years. Very common (you’re not a young adult at 40 but it’s ok)
    • Adults|| 41-60 years. Very common
    • Seniors|| 60+ years. Very common.

    That is just for Major depression though.

    An Webmd article says, “CDC Says 9% of Adults Are Depressed at Least Occasionally; 3.4% Suffer From Major Depression“. They also say that CDC states that 9% of Americans report that they are depressed.

    The website also says that, MMWR states, “estimates for current depression in states and territories in 2006-2008 ranged from a low of 4.8% in North Dakota to 14.8% in Mississippi. People in Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota did not participate in either the 2006 or the 2008 survey”.

    What it (depression) most of the time leads to.

    Depression, most of the time, leads to suicide.I hate to be the burden of bad/horrible news but it’s true.

    Suicide hotline (number and more).

    National Suicide Prevention Line:

    Call|| 1 (800) 273-8255

    Online chat.

    Please, if you are in need of help, or anything. DO NOT hesitate to call or text this number! We do not need any more people dying from suicides and such!

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    Anxiety (mine and more)

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

    Heads up info|| Maybe a trigger warning for any of you?

    Topics being covered:
    1. Anxiety
    2. Anxiety disorders (definitions and such)
    3. My first anxiety attack and how I over came it
    4. Anxiety hotline.


    A feeling of of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome” and “A nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks” are 2 out of many definitions for anxiety.

    This phot shows the ones I listed and one more that I didn’t list. But there is millions billions more definitions from different people.

    Anxiety overrides the brain, making is worried, nervous, etc 100% more then we most likely already are or even if we aren’t either.

    You can be calm, happy, and laughing with your friends one second, then the next you are worried, nervous and/or embarrassed about anything. Either if how they think your laugh sounds, how your face looks when you laugh, how your voice is–is it squeaky or not.

    Anxiety has many forms. Many many forms.

    There are 5 major anxiety disorders, which will be explained in the next topic.

    Medical News Today states in their article about anxiety (it’s definition and such), “These disorders alter how a person processes emotions and behave, also causing psychical symptoms.” It explains about mild anxiety and severe anxiety more in to it too, which again will be in the next topic.

    Did you know that Anxiety [disorders] affect 40 million people in the United States. It is the most common group of mental illnesses in the country! :(.

    Moreover(?), 36.9 percent of people w/ it will/have receive(ed) treatment for it. [possibly therapy and more?]

    Anxiety disorders (definition and more).

    Medical News Today, mentioned and explained mild and severe anxiety.

    Mild anxiety|| [mild anxiety] might be vague and unsettling.

    Severe anxiety|| [while severe anxiety] may seriously affect day-to-day living.

    Health & Human Services (HHS) wrote an article on “What are the five major types of anxiety disorders?“.

    So, the 5 major anxiety disorders are:

    • Generalized Anxiety Disorder||GAD is an anxiety disorder characterized by chronic anxiety, exaggerated worry and tension, even when there is little or nothing to provoke it.
    • Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD)|| OCD, is an anxiety disorder and is characterized by recurrent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviors (compulsions). Repetitive behaviors such as hand washing, counting, checking, or cleaning are often performed with the hope of preventing obsessive thoughts or making them go away. Performing these so-called “rituals,” however, provides only temporary relief, and not performing them markedly increases anxiety.
    • Panic disorder|| An anxiety disorder and is characterized by unexpected and repeated episodes of intense fear accompanied by physical symptoms that may include chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, or abdominal distress.
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)|| PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened. Traumatic events that may trigger PTSD include violent personal assaults, natural or human-caused disasters, accidents, or military combat.
    • Social anxiety disorder (or Social phobia)||An anxiety disorder characterized by overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. Social phobia can be limited to only one type of situation – such as a fear of speaking in formal or informal situations, or eating or drinking in front of others – or, in its most severe form, may be so broad that a person experiences symptoms almost anytime they are around other people.

    Some people don’t take these anxiety disorders seriously because they don’t know about it, how to act, think your an attention seeker–when your not, they don’t believe in it, etc.

    Please do not listen to them. Seek treatment. Take things easy. Don’t feed the haters.

    Don’t feed the trolls; nothing fuels them so much.


    Have you ever heard of the story a grandfather told his grandson?

    Well it goes like this: A old, native (Cherokee) man is teaching his son about life (this is legit one of the best examples of life!). He says, “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside of us all.”

    “One is evil,” he explained, “it is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego.”

    “The other one is good,” He said, “It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth.”

    The boy thought about it and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

    The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed“.

    [The battle of 2 wolves inside of us all].

    My anxiety.

    Before I knew I had anxiety, I have always (and still do) had intense chest pains. It would start at my chest and spread all the way down to my ribs (my ribs are sensitive) and then I’d get the pains in my back from my shoulder blades all the way over my back.

    Also, I got super nervous, and worried and such. So, when my doctor verified me as “You have anxiety” he didn’t tell me which exact anxiety disorder.

    But I do get OCD on certain things when my anxiety gets bad. I also get random panic attacks when my best friend gets panic attacks.

    The first time I had an anxiety attack was when ADW(aurora) wasn’t doing something that my grandpa asked hours ago. My grandpa came into our game room (as he lived with us) where ADW was, he was standing at the door with the barn door that my dad made. I was in the kitchen but I was behind him and listening.

    He yelled at her and, (we were young at the time, 5th or 6th graders) ADW started to cry. Once I saw her cry and I heard him yell, something unknown clicked in my brain–I didn’t know at the time but I was having an anxiety attack. As it was my first time I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it. I remember a burning sensation in my chest, it was sharp and unbearable. My heartbeat was racing, ready to pop out of my chest any minute. Tears are also streaming down my face.

    As I said, it was my first anxiety attack encounter and I didn’t know what to do. As I’m crying, through tears I semi-yell “Don’t yell at my sister!” I repeated that.

    I was struggling, the burning sensation burning sharper each second and my heartbeat still racing fast. I tried to think of something that would calm me. Cat. Cat. Where’s my cat? Were my exact thoughts. PJW(my little brother), came in and he asked if I was ok. I just looked at him and asked where Princess was. He said down in his room. I rush down there and I hug my cat.

    It took a few minutes and my brother had called my mom on his iPad and she said to give me ibuprofen and water and my cat(which the cat was already helping a bit). After trying to calm down as I hug and pet my cat and let the ibuprofen kick in, it was about 20-30ish minutes and I calmed down.

    Anxiety hotline.

    I’d suggest getting medical help before calling, texting, or emailing the Anxiety hotline.

    Also, seek a therapist/counselor If you don’t want to take certain meds a doc may give you. Yes, doctors do suggest a therapist and/or counselor. But from what I know, it’s meds mostly.

    Anxiety hotline website?(If want).

    Text~USA|| text CONNECT to 741741.

    • from anywhere in the USA, anytime, about any type of crisis (not just anxiety).

    Text~Canada|| text 686868 in Canada.

    Call|| (800) 273-8255

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    How I got Tundra

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

    Hello. I hope you have liked all my content. Should I do rant next? Or something else?

    Heads up info|| A part, to me, is sad in it. The same for Prince’s post. The breeder is the same and the location (which I do not reveal).

    Topics being covered:
    1. Pictures of Tundra
    2. How I got Tundra
    3. How he got his name

    Pictures of Tundra.

    How I got Tundra.

    So, after Prince turned 1 1/2 yrs HAW (my mom) gets a call from the breeder. She told HAW that there was this husky puppy in her very last litter that no one would take him because he has brown eyes. She even said there was no charge and that if we wanted we can give it to one of HAW’s friends that their kids have special needs.

    HAW decided that she’d see if RJW (my dad) liked him and wanted him. And if not then we’d give it to one of HAW’s friends.

    When we brought him home, he went straight to Prince and his kennel. RJW and the rest of us socialized with him. My dad fell in love w/ him.

    How he got his name.

    Lastly, HAW decided that if RJW gets to name him then we’ll keep him. RJW named him Tundra after his Black Toyota Tundra that he loved so much.

    We kept him then.

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    How I got Prince (Loki)

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

    Thanks to everyone that has liked my blogs. I appreciate it. I hope you like more of them in the future!

    Heads up info|| I will not be reveal the place where I got him or who I got him from.

    Topics being covered:
    1. Picture of Prince Loki
    2. How I got Prince Loki
    3. How we thought of naming him

    Picture of Prince Loki.

    How I got Prince (Loki)

    I have always wanted a husky, since I am a animal person and what is there not to like about them, I begged my parents for one for a long time.

    So, my mom found this breeder in this town and we went to go see the puppies.

    (The lady was really really nice and treated all the animals amazing.)

    There were many that she said people have already claimed but are picking up at a later time. She pointed those ones out.

    So we looked at this whining one. He was the fluffiest of all of them! And a runt of the litter.

    ADW (aurora) and I told HAW (my mom) and once we all held him he stopped whining. The breeder told us that he always whined, but not when we held him. (Boy is he a whiner now😹).

    HAW and the breeder have been friends and apparently HAW told the breeder about ADW and I’s mental health. That’s when the breeder told us about her female husky having her first litter a few weeks back.

    So we got to take him home for free so he could be a service dog (He is one to ADW and HAW) and our new dog.

    How we named thought of naming him.

    This one is a blur but I’ll try to get it right.

    So, we were thinking and thinking.

    We were gonna name him Loki because he was already being mysterious. So we wanted to put something else in front so he had a middle name.

    HAW liked the super star, Prince, so we put Prince Loki together. Soon we stated just calling him Prince unless he was bad then we’d say Prince Loki.

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    Meet My Twin Sister

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

    Heads up info|| My twin gave me permission to post a pic of her. She gave me permission to use her real name.

    Topics being covered:
    1. picture of my twin.
    2. About my twin
    3. Info about her and I
    4. Additional info

    Picture of my twin.

    About my twin.

    My twins name is Aurora W (ADW). I came out 30 seconds before her so she is the second oldest. She is my age (14). She is boy crazy lol.

    Her favorite things to do are:

    • Shopping
    • Sleeping
    • Camping
    • Cooking
    • Watching movies
    • Looking and doing Til Toks
    • Looking at social media and watching/looking at videos
  • • playing video games.
  • Aurora is a tik tok addict, a phone addict.
  • Info about her and I.

    When aurora and I were in the womb, she was eating all the food and pushing me to my mom’s pelvis area. Lol. So I had to come out first, due to that and having 3 holes in my heart (which closed up on their own).

    We aren’t really the “peas in a pot” close. We are the “close enough for comfort” close.

    We go to each other for a lot of things.

    Additional info.

    Aurora has a boyfriend which is named TW. They are both the same age.

    After a psycho boyfriend situation, I decided that it was time for aurora to have a boyfriend that was wayyy better than the ex (which we will call MRD), so I told my friend and he actually admitted his feelings to me before her.

    He asked her out and they’ve been dating for 2 months.

    Aurora and I have the same dad but RJW is our step dad, who we call dad because he’s been there for us forever. We don’t interact with our bio dad. My lil bro’s bio dad is RJW.

    (Not gonna post a blog about our bio dad because that is not important.)

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    Meet My Dad

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

    Heads up info|| Will be using initials again.

    Topics being covered:
    1. My dad and his parents
    2. My dad’s nationality
    3. My dad’s spouse and children
    4. Additional info

    My dad and his parents.

    My dad’s name is RJW. He is 47-49 yrs. He has his birth dad which is named WW. His mom is named LS. And her spouse is KES (because my cousin has the same first letter of her name as KES so I put next letter of first name too).

    RJW||47-49 yrs. Married to HAW. Alarm salesman at an alarm company. Has 3 children.

    WW|| RJW’s birth father. No clue if he had a wife. Is deceased (has been for a while).

    (Not gonna fell you how LS and KES got RJW).

    LS|| RJW’s mother. Married. No clue how old. No clue what she works for or as.

    KES|| RJW’s (step) dad. Married. No clue how old. I don’t think he works.

    My dad’s nationality.

    WW is full Chinese, which makes RJW half Chinese.

    People mistake him for Mexican until they look at the way his eyes are shaped or he/one of us tell them.

    My dad’s spouse and children.

    This may be a repeat for HAW, so my bad.

    HAW|| RJW’s Spouse. Married, obvi. Has been married once before. 44 (1/2) yrs old.

    Children|| 3 children. My twin, my lil bro, and I.

    Additional info.

    RJW has been married once before getting married to HAW. He’s been in the navy. He never told me his position in the navy. I think he got out because my mom was having my little brother.

    RJW had a bi-pass heart thing in the hospital when HAW was having my lil bro. (No clue why or how. He does have heart problems which my brother will have.)

    He loves fishing, crawfishing, cat-fishing, reading comic books. He also has a motorcycle (that some people think it’s a Harley but it’s like something w/ an S in its name.)

    Shown below (please comment if you know what the motorcycle is):

    RJW is an only child.

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    Meet My Mom

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

    I realized I’ve made a lot of blogs today, lol😹. (Sorry If you don’t see the laughing cat emoji). That’s alright.

    Heads up info|| Remember, I am gonna use initials and such for human beings.

    Topics being covered:

    1. My mom and her siblings
    2. A little about my mom
    3. Additional info

    My mom and her siblings.

    My mom’s name is HAW and she is 44 1/2 (her Bday is 09/02/1974) She has 5 siblings. Whose names are SS(female), TC(female), SC(male), ZC (male). HAW currently lost her job for a stupid reason but has put her resume in. (Do not comment that you want it or anything–that’s ain’t acceptable).

    HAW’s spouse and kids:

    (Not gonna say my siblings names yet because that’s for another post)

    RJW||HAW’s spouse, they’ve been married a long time (my twin and i was at their wedding when we were babies). He is either 47, 48, or 49–I can never remember. (3 years apart from HAW, do the counting, plz). Works at a alarm company :).

    How many children||HAW has 3 children. My twin sis, my little brother, and I. (Names for in another one of my blogs).

    SS’s spouse, children and more:

    SS|| She is the oldest. Idk how old, sorry. She has 5 children. Idk what she does for work. (Not old enough to be a grandmother or great grandmother.)

    JS|| He is SS’s spouse. Idk how old he is or what he is or what he does for work.

    CS|| Oldest. 22 yrs. I think he has 5 children too. Is a grandpa to his children’s kids. (The older kids have kids obviously.) no clue work.

    CHS|| (the first letters of the oldest and this one are the same but different names so I put the next letter in this one’s name plus their last name’s first letter). Second oldest. On a mission rn. No clue how old. Doesn’t have children, I think.

    JES|| (had to do the same I said above bc JS and JES have the same first letter of first name. Used second letter of first name for JES.) 3rd child. Engaged. Works for a Pepsi company in her hometown. Her fiancé is SP.

    DS||4th child. 12 or 13 yrs. A little brat, lol. Is a video game addict. No married or working or engaged or married. (Do not ask to date or anything.)

    KS|| Last child. 11 yrs. Phone and Tik Tok addict. Not married, working, or engaged, or dating. (Don’t ask to date or anything.)

    TC, her and her family:

    TC||I think she is the baby of the family, but I can’t remember. No clue on age or job. Has 3 children, all boys. Not married, engaged, or dating. (Do not ask to date or anything.)

    CC|| Oldest of TC’s children. 18 yrs. Just graduate from high school. He’s going to a community school in his hometown but is gonna be a actor when he is older. Not married, engaged or dating. (Don’t ask.) Not sure if he is working. (If he is not do not comment to get him to work for you just like not for my mom or anyone else.) Theater addict.

    BC|| middle child. 15-17 yrs (not sure how old, ok.) He isn’t going to college. (Don’t ask why coz idk). Not sure if he is dating anyone. Not married or engaged. Not sure if he is working. Anime addict, iPhone addict, Super Smash Bros addict.

    ES|| Last child. 9-12 yrs (not sure). No clue if he is going to college. Not dating, engaged, married, working. A little brat. Electronic addict.

    Pebbles|| their family pet. Female.

    SC, him and his family:

    SC|| Male. 3rd oldest. Married (I think). No clue how old. Cars salesman.

    Children|| Idk.

    ZC, him and his family:

    ZC|| Male. No clue how old. Cars salesman. Married, I think.

    Spouse|| unsure ZC is married.

    DLC|| (He has the same as First letter of first name as DS. So put second letter of his first name.) 17 yrs. not married, engaged. Not sure if dating anyone. Not sure if working.

    A little about my mom.

    You already read what I wrote about her above. This is just a little more. Like her personality and such.

    So, HAW has always been the sweetest person you could ever meet. She never ever has been rude to anyone in her life.

    (There is some info that I can’t share coz its personal.)

    She is always sarcastic, and usually always has a smile. Lately, after my grandpa and great grandma passed in December last year, she has been a little down. But she is getting back up to her happy stage.

    Additional info.

    HAW loves to watch movies–if it’s an Korean/Chinese/Asian movie she will read the subtitles–no clue how she does it!

    She is a kind spirit, always knows how to lighten up the mood, and gives good advice and has some funny jokes.

    She loves dogs (and occasionally cats) even tho she is allergic. She is allergic to dogs, cats, fish, and some other foods, milk. If the cat or dog is a baby and they grow up around her then she will have no problem–as it is for our huskies and calico cat.

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    Went fishing yesterday w/ my dad and his best friend.

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog where you read/see my experiences and more! We are back with another blog!

    Heads up before starting|| I have my license. And my dad’s name is RJW (for legal and protective rights gotta put initial.) But will be saying dad in it. My dad’s best friend is TJC (initial again.) {irrelevant|| my Mom’s is HAW. My twins is ADW. My lil bros is PJW. And just call me Benziler. –this is for future posts.}

    Topics being covered:
    1. Fishing with my dad and his best friend.
    2. All the fish we caught and their names.
    3. The Dino fish~ definition and more.
    4. We saw an otter on the “dock” of the power plant.

    Fishing with my dad and his best friend.

    My dad and his best friend absolutely love fishing, crawfishing, and cat-fishing. We went down to this area by a power plant that has a down slope and then a crossing filled w/ some water, due to the tides, where you can fish/look for crawdad’s and fish for them. (Gonna call it a <fishing> dock.)

    Anyway, we were down there. It was at 8:30 when we left the house. It took us exactly 3 minutes to get there without traffic and store stopping/any stopping. It took us about 2 minutes to get all of our gear out of my dad’s Toyota Tundra (truck) and get it down to the dock.

    We figured we go from the time we got there to 9 or 10 pm.

    The fish we caught and their names.

    Before we actually caught fish and put them in a cooler filled with water, my dad let me reel in the one we got right when we were down at the dock–sadly I lost it because I didn’t know I was suppose to throw it over. My dad promised/ said to me that if we catch 4 fish then he’ll take me to the nearest store on our way home to get me my favorite soda–Mountain Dew (original, green one).

    Anyway, after the incident, I actually caught 2 fish and named the first one Zayn, then the other one Liam (I caught the first one at 8:38 and then the other one at 8:50). On the second fish that I caught, my dad’s best friend was in the way and I accidentally hit him in the stomach with the fish, it was funny. My dad’s best friend caught one after me, we named him Harry. Then my dad caught a little bullhead fish, which we named bait–as he was our new bait for crawfishing or more fishing (we didn’t use him that night).

    It swallowed my dad’s worm so he had to get another one. Then, my dad’s best friend hadn’t caught any more fish so he went to a different spot close to us–kinda. (we didn’t count the bullhead fish because he was for bait and not for food).

    Then, at 9:30pm, my dad caught this little fish (not the bullhead) that also ate my worm and popped the hook off the line that’s connected to the rod. So, my dad sat on the closed cooler–which was behind his other rod–and tried to get it back together with me having my iPhone flashlight on coz he didn’t bring a flashlight (he forgot so lucky for him I brought my phone). As he was doing that I was watching the other rod, I saw it move fast and hard, not slow and gentle/light like the water does.

    I said to my dad, “Dad, the rods moving! Fast.” And he said, “It is?” And hurries and turns around. There is was. So he dropped what he was doing and got the other fish.

    He caught 2 fish in a row! Score for him. We named them Liam and Louis.

    A few minutes later, my dad’s best friend comes back (it’s 10:30 now. We decided to stay more coz of my dad’s catch and to see if my dad’s best friend caught anything.) and he has 2 fish in his left hand w/ a crawfish in the other. (He threw the crawfish back with his other one that I forgot to mention which was earlier when we first got there while I lost that “first” fish). So that makes 2 more. (As you know, lol.)

    We named one of them Niall, and then the other Antonio.

    In total: 8 fish and 1 bait.

    I got that Mountain Dew!

    The Dino fish~ definition and more.

    Next topic, at 10:45pm, my dad decided that we’d fish one more before leaving–hoping we can at least get 9 (that doesn’t count as for bait.) he gets this really tough, hard bit–telling me to move back so that he didn’t hit me.

    When he got it up on the surface, there was a Sturgeon (Dino fish)! It was sooo adorable! Picture below (w/ the 4 fish that we caught <the single fish in one pic is my first one> and then the otter.)

    We named her dawn, and took 2 pics, then once we got her unhooked, we put her back in (gently).

    Sturgeon definition|| A very large, primitive fish with bony plates on the body. It occurs in temp. seas & rivers of the northern hemisphere, especially central Eurasia, and is commercial importance for its caviar and flesh. [Sturgeon Definition.]

    Additional info|| Several of this species can grow 7-12ft (which is one reason why it is illegal to keep them but not catch them). [Sturgeon additional info].

    Sources are because I want to cite my sources. Also, if you want to know more by reading more and such (quicker and easier way!).

    We saw an otter over on the “dock” of the power plant.

    Next and last topic, when my dad; his best friend and I were packing up my dads best friend looked at the “dock” of the power plant and saw an otter. He told my dad and I. We looked.

    My dad asked, “Is it a ferret? It looks like one.” And my dad’s best friend and I say together, “No. It’s an otter.” Then we left I took 3 pictures. The first 2 didn’t show him because he moved so quick but we didn’t name him. The 3rd pic is a little blurry because I was in a rush.

    Oh, I also fell down once (forgot to mention that sorry). I’m not sure if I twisted my left foot because it didn’t look like it but it hurts to walk now. This was probably irrelevant but it’s good to have additional info on some things.

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    How I got Princess

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back w/ another blog!

    So sorry for that blogging so much today, I’m trynna get the hang of WordPress.

    Heads up info|| Some words may seem weird or gross to you, so just…be prepared. Warning, swear words used.

    The title says a little on what we are covering.

    Topics being covered:
    1. Picture and video of princess.
    2. How I got princess
    3. Calico cat definition and more about them.
    4. Peaches (store) definition and more.
    5. My 15 8 reasons why you should love a calico cat.

    Picture and video of princess.

    How I got Princess.

    When I was 3 or 4 I had a hard time learning how to get toilet trained. As some human beings believe that all humans were animals, I was like a new puppy or a new kitty–having trouble getting toilet trained in the correct place when I have to go.

    So, my parents bribed me by saying, “If you get toilet trained then we’ll take you down to Peaches to get a doggy or a kitty.” I love, as still love, animals so ofc I tried as hard as I could.

    Then in a few hours I was trained! Since it was late and I was trying for ever, my parents said we’d head over after my dad got off of work.

    At 5, my dad got off of work. He came home and told my mom, who was a stay at home mom at the time, and ADW (aurora, my twin) and I to get our shoes on.

    As you probably know, it took us a while to get our shoes on since HAW(my mom) had to help us as we were little kids–and well lazy as hell, lol. Plus, the car ride which took a while because Peaches (was) is uptown.

    When we got there there was a huge variety of dogs and cats. I looked at everything. RJW(my dad) then said, “Maybe let’s get a kitty?” I was looking at every dog and cat. Plus, I think it’s because he’s had a lot of cats so he wanted me to have a cat (what a good choice that was).

    I nodded, and started looking at each cat. I think HAW and ADW were looking at dogs, but I can’t remember.

    RJW then called me over and said, “Look at the orange cat. Do you want him?” I was already looking at this multi colored cat that made me have a “This is the cat for me” feeling. So I look over at the cat and say while pointing, “No, I want her.” (I hoped I didn’t hurt the ginger cat’s feelings now that I think of it).

    RJW asked, just to make sure, “Are you sure?” I nodded, making up my mind. I knew I had to follow my gut feeling.

    So, we took her home.

    Additional info|| (yeah sometimes I put it in an-already topic) It took some time to name her but then either HAW or ADW said that I should name her Princess. Whoever it was that said it. The name stuck to her like glue. And she definitely lived up to it.

    Calico color and cat definition and more about them.

    If any of you don’t or aren’t familiar with a calico color or calico cat. Here they are:

    Calico color def||

    Coarse cloth with a bright print.

    • Made of calico or resembling calico in being patterned.

    • Having sections or patches colored differently and usually bright. [Calico color definition(s)]

    Calico cat def|| A calico cat is a domestic cat w/ 2 X chromosomes who typically about 25% to 75% white and also has mostly large patches of (usually) orange and black or (sometimes) cream and gray. [Calico cat definition]

    Additional info|| Additional info

    Peaches (store) definition.

    Peaches, where I live, got shut down and destroyed years back (I hope they got all the animals out and sold and stuff).

    Peaches: Pet food and supply-pet store-|| (this is my definition!) A store that sells a variety of pets, their food, and any supplies needed for each one of them.

    My 8 reasons on why you should get/own a calico cat.

    Hmm..15. Ok.

    1. They have some amazing history and ancestors and ancestry.
    2. They have amazing colors.
    3. Most of them are super lovable even if they can be bratty and bitchy.
    4. Most of them are female which is super cool–to me.
    5. The males are SUPER rare to have and buy. They are work a ton. Which is probably why most don’t own them.
    6. They have Siamese in them.
    7. They are so adorable
    8. Their is a lot of them in need or rescue and adoption (like others but rn is not about others lol).

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    Meet my animals

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another Blog!

    Heads up info||For those of you that saw my recent post, I told you I had animals. Warning~ swearing in the blog today.

    Topics being covered:
    1. My animals.


    In the below picture is all of them. All 3 of them:

    Tundra|| Brown eyes, 1 1/2 yrs, last litter. Nobody would take him due to his eye color so we got him for free. Nicknames: Tunny boy, Tundra butt, Tunny butt, Tun Tun, Tunny, fatso(my bro calls him that). Siberian Husky w/ wooly.

    Prince (Loki)||blue eyes, 2 yrs, first litter (fluffiest and runt). My twin and I needed a service dog that we’d share so we got him for free. Nicknames: Princey Boy, Princey, Husband (twin calls him that lol), Fluffy. Siberian Husky w/ wooly.

    Princess|| Green eyes, 11 yrs, my cat, calico cat. I got princess when I was 3 or 4 as a present for getting toilet trained (gross, ik. I had a hard time and was refusing.) she’s my forever and Always companion. Nicknames: Baby, babygirl, diva, sassy, bitch, devil, stalker. (She was given bitch and devil by my cousins–and others–because she doesn’t like anyone besides me <unless she’s in heat then she likes everyone> and my dad.)

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    Meet me, and learn stuff about me.

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome to Benziler’s Life Blog. We are here with a blog!

    I am Benziler. A few things that I like to do is read, write, watch movies and play video games. My favorite quote is:

    “Trust is earned, not given. Just like electricity, trust is a privilege not a priority.”


    I am a twin (sister and sister). I have a little brother (11 yrs). I have 2 Siberian huskies—Prince and Tundra. And then a calico cat—her name is Princess. (Original right?)

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    Meet My Lil Bro

    Hello! Benziler here and welcome back to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

    This is my little brother, who is super super annoying but i still love him–kinda.

    Heads up info||using initials again. Weird stuff up ahead.

    Topics being covered:
    1. Info about my lil bro (including nationality)
    2. His hobbies
    3. His bad habits (weird ik)
    4. Additional info

    Info about my lil bro.

    My lil bros name is PJW. He is 11 yrs old. He is the last child.

    Nationality|| He is a quarter Chinese. He looks more Chinese then my dad does.

    He is a video game addict, a sugar addict, swearing addict, weird sound addict.

    His hobbies.

    His hobbies are playing video games, watching videos (those kind of nasty videos too) and basketball and soccer (American(o) futbol).

    His bad habits.

    His bad Habits are not listening, being a turd, doing it in front of the computer (ewwww), sneaking candy and anything sugar, thinking that if someone has something then he is allowed to take it w/o asking and whenever he wants. Also, sneaking upstairs when everyone is asleep to do stuff on the computer (my parents caught him on camera once.) (he hasn’t even hit puberty yet🤢🤮<emoji’s are there>).

    Additional info.

    PJW is a turd bucket.😹😹 (there should be emoji’s, if not sorry).

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    About (page)

    This is kinda late, my bad. Sorry.


    Hello! Benziler here and welcome to Benziler’s Life Blog! We are back with another blog!

    ♾No heads up info on this post today.♾

    Topics being covered:
    1. The stuff about Benziler’s Life Blog!
    2. Quotes that I like and favor.
    3. My own quote (which you can tell from my recent Meet me, learn about me blog.)
    4. How often I’ll be posting/blogging.

    Stuff about Benziler’s Life Blog.

    In Benziler’s Life Blog, we do some things different from other blogs.

    First up, we call posts blogs. (Some days). Which, for this blog I put post/blog before hand so that people would know that on that they can call it either one until we address it in this topic.

    Next, we blog about my life experience and much more. You may be asking/wondering “what’s the ‘much more’ part?”. Well, it means that if I have people that I want y’all to meet, I make a post about them. (Like I did for my animals). {In my next posts will be of my family and friends.}. However, I will not be posting any pictures of any humans due to legal rights and such–unless given permission. Also, I will be using initials for everyone of my friends and family (not including animals), again for legal rights an such–unless given permission. Another thing, in some posts will be rants, which I will put in the title and the heads up info.

    Third, make sure to read “the heads up info” and the “topics being covered”. Also, read the intro because It took a long time to make it perfect. I always make sure you all read those things (which are usually shown at the top) so that you know before reading and that if there is anything said (like swearing) then you know that that’s gonna be there and there is nothing unexpected. Also, make sure to read the “additional info” section coz they are important.

    Fourth, I usually will put sources coz in school we learned that it’s good to cite your sources. Plus, so you can read and learn more about the topic–quicker and easier!

    Fifth, as I said above, there is swearing in some blogs of mine. Which, I always post it in the “Heads up info” section. I put it there to organize things. (Yes, not all my posts are organized because I’m still a kid/teen lol). I like to give those kinds of heads up–as I said before–to not leave anything unexpected. Ok? Ok. Cool.

    Sixth, don’t expect my blogs to be short or long or medium length. I have always wanted to be an author (which I forgot to mention in one of my blogs) so I tend to write super long things. It’s became a habit, sorry not sorry. I do not expect people to expect this because, well, you never know how long a post will be or how big someone’s train of thought is. However, I do not put how long or how short a blog will be in the “heads up info” or “additional info” sections because I don’t know how long the blogs will be so why put it there? (But if a post is super short then I will start to try and put it there if I know how short. <May change that>.)

    Seventh, I do not tolerate criticizing comments (and blogs/posts. If any of mine are that way feel free to tell me!) because nobody wants or needs to hear it. It’s..irrelevant and unnecessary. So, let’s not have that ok? Thanks.

    Eighth, I also don’t tolerate rude comments or replies. Let’s make this a happy, nice, fun place! If you have something that you want to opinionate on my post, do so but be nice about it. I do like feedback.

    Ninth, I am still growing as a blogger so if you have any feedback on what I should improve on then I will look into it and try it out (I just don’t do nude or any of that nasty stuff). (I don’t do just rants that I want, I will do rants that you want too).

    Tenth, I don’t require for you to comment or follow me or my page or like my blogs (well hopefully you’ll follow me and my page) but if you would, that’d be amazing. I just don’t wanna be pushy or anything like that.

    Eleventh, please don’t hate on anything, as everyone has feelings. We don’t want anybody hate shaming or fat shaming or anything on any animal, any human or blog. (I include fat shaming on blog because being rude about how long a post is–i consider it Blog fat shaming). Also, no blog shaming. Thank you.

    >I think that’s it.

    Quotes that I like and favor.

    “He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, His and mine are the same.”

    –Hardin Scott (AFTER)

    ^Loved the movie and book(s)! (I’m re-reading 1-3 as I already saw them. Gotta read 4-5 for the first time.)

    “You’ve got plenty right there!”

    –Hardin Scott

    “No one notices your tears, no one notices your sadness, no one notices your pain, but they all notice your mistakes.”


    ^I look at that one when I’m sad or my anxiety kicks in.

    My quote that I made.

    This quote is from my recent blog(s):

    “Trust is earned not given. Just like electricity, trust is a privilege not a priority.”


    I saw the ‘Trust is earned not given’ part and I thought, “how can I use that to make my own?”.

    It took a while but I figured it out! Hope you like it. (If you do comment below. If you don’t then don’t comment, lol. <watch nobodies gonna comment>).

    How often I’ll be blogging.

    I’m sure everyone wants to know when people will post a blog since we never know.

    Since I am going into 9th grade on August 29th and it’s currently July, there is 2 things to cover.

    In summer|| in the summer I will try to post everyday. However, if I get busy then I won’t post everyday. So it’s an unexpected thing–I’d enable my post notifications so you can know when I post a blog if I were you.

    In the school times|| Some of you may know that school is stressful and takes up a lot of your time. Especially in high school. So, for that I won’t be able to post that much. So, when I get off of school, I will try to post–unless I’m busy ofc. And then, at lunch if I’m not eating and if I’m not busy. So, If I were you I’d enable my post notification for my blogs so you know when I post and such.

    If anything changes, I’ll let you know. Ok? Ok, cool.

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